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One may wonder why I have called the New Age movement a religion. Surely the New Age movement isn’t a religion? I’m sorry to shatter any illusions but the New Age movement is akin to a religion. The only difference is the perception of the people who follow the new age movement. I was sucked into the New Age movement like many people were but I have gone through it and come out the other side. I consider it to be a journey, an experience.

When I desired to get a greater understanding of the world we live in I read many books to try to find answers, with one book leading to another and one theme to another, until books like The Secret and CD’s on the Law of Attraction came into my range. So I read the books and over many months tried to create my reality according to my thoughts. I know I’m simplifying matters somewhat, but the essence of The Secret is that the greatest secret of life is the law of attraction, which says like attracts like, so when you think a thought you are also drawing like thoughts to you. That if you want to change anything in your life, change your thoughts. It goes on that your thoughts are creating your life and what you think about the most will appear in your life. Your thoughts become things. It goes on that nothing can come into your experience unless you summon it through persistent thoughts. And the feeling of love is the highest frequency you can emit. The greater the love you feel and emit, the greater the power you are harnessing.thoughtsI followed the guidance on The Secret for half a year before I realised that no matter how much I thought of or wanted a thing, it never came. That I could not create anything I wanted in my life on the basis of thoughts and feelings. It was a similar with the recordings of Abraham-Hicks and the Law of Attraction. The message was the same, think about what you want, have great feeling and emotion for what you want and the greater the emotion the sooner it comes into your existence. In fact there were situations coming into my existence which I had definitely not created, either consciously or unconsciously. I became angry and began to question myself and wonder why I could not bring into my existence what I wanted. All I achieved from the thoughts were feelings of disappointment and frustration.

The principle of the law of attraction is inherently flawed. The error with the notion is that your life is based wholly on your thoughts and feelings and based on the concept that, “what you think about will come into your existence”. The flaw in this proposition is that it invalidates others for whom their thoughts don’t work to bring them what they want. What that then implies is that one’s thoughts were not pure enough, or one’s thinking not clear enough, or one does not have the right technique to think things into being. What this does is create within a person is either a sense of disappointment or it make them feel responsible for anything negative that’s come into their life, both of which are negative emotions.  despairPeople in the New Age may disagree with this but anyone who continues to practice a methodology or technique within a stipulated framework but the process is flawed, then they have   become indoctrinated into that process. A doctrine exists as part of a construct for people to identify and label themselves with, because the association with it gives people a sense of self, or identification. Anytime people’s thoughts or feelings are negative and arise as a consequence of external influences then it is symptomatic of a system which seeks to influence their emotions. Because whatever it is that manipulates people’s emotions into a negative state has an agenda.

I look back at my time trying to implement the teachings on the law of attraction and wonder how it was I was deceived about how our thoughts create everything we experience. The reason is due to what is said is a mix of truth and manipulation. It has the promise to transform one’s life on the basis of thought alone, that all we have to do is sit and think about our wishes and everything we want will come into our existence. Well, it clearly doesn’t happen that way. If you want further convincing that The Secret and law of attraction doesn’t work go to a bookshop and you’ll see the mark two and three artSo what was the purpose of the new age movement, in particular the law of attraction and other messages? It is my view that the new age movement was created as another form of structured manipulation to entrap people who moved away from the established western religions, but who still had a belief in God or higher levels of consciousness.

That this movement created a different belief system but it no better enabled people than religion does. It promotes the view that things occur in one’s life is based on their thoughts so each person is therefore responsible for any misfortune that befalls them.  Another notion in the new age movement is the Law of Karma, in that anything negative which occurs, if it is not the attributable to conscious or sub-conscious thoughts, is the result of a past act which has to be accounted.

Can you see how they’ve trapped people either way because they’ve got people believing they’re responsible for whatever negative event befalls them. But more insidious than that is if someone develops a debilitating medical condition, the new age believer may try to consciously think themselves to good health, while their condition continues to deteriorate. It may be that by the time they realise that no amount of thinking perfect health is “attracting” it, it’s too late for them to get the appropriate medical care to bring them back to health. I cannot imagine the devastating emotions that person will feel.

walkThe more realistic proposition to bringing things into your existence is this. There is an element of conscious creation but it’s not based solely on thought and feeling. The aspect that the law of attraction fails to point out is the need for ACTION. Whatever it is you want think about it, plan how you’re going to achieve it and then take steps to make it happen. There is no guarantee you will get it, but there’s more prospect of it coming into your life if you take positive action towards achieving your goal.

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