There is No Right to Rule


I’ve written a book evidencing that there is no true right to rule, that all right to rule has been assumed and that those who claim some right to rule seek to legitimise or authenticate their declaration.

Most people accept that there is someone or some group that has some real legitimacy to exercise rule over others and the entire basis for that notion is that we have been conditioned to believe this to be the reality of our existence. But there really is no right to rule, there is no one or any organisation that has the right to rule over the majority of the population.  This book expands on some of the subject headings on this website and details what are the control key structures that exist in our lives, the church, the state and the money system. It shows the extent of the religious influence in all aspects of society, the link between the church and the state and most importantly, provides further details on how and WHEN EVERYONE BECAME A PROPERTY OF THE STATE and how the the politicians who agreed to compensate the slave owners had voted to compensate themselves because they were the slave owners.  It list some of the politicians who received large compensation awards, as they had large slave estates. I go on to detail how on the formation of government it was the elite aristocratic class who made up government and how it is this select group who assumed law making powers for centuries and how only a tiny fraction of the population had any right to vote until the 20th century, yet they tell us we live in a democracy.

I also detail how modern government came to be formed, the prevailing circumstances and what they contrived to legitimise the institution of government as the new system under which people would be ruled. I evidence that there is a notion called a SOCIAL CONTRACT where it is implied that we CONSENT to be ruled by government. On reading all the evidence you will come to know that there is no right to rule, all those who have declared a right to rule have done so under religious notions of some divine right to rule, but that religion itself is a dubious institution. At the end of the book I detail how people can free themselves from the system. If you have read the articles on this site you will have an overview of the issues covered in this book, though there is more detail if you require further evidence.

Otherwise you may wish to skip this book and read one of the other two books published – It’s All a Con and The 1,000 Years Deception. The books are available as e-books on Amazon, Smashwords, Sony, Barnes and Noble and most other e-book retailers. You may also purchase paperback copies of the books through Amazon.

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