IT SEEMS……           Date:  Jun 2, 2011


think  …..We still need a suit to tell us 1 + 1 = 2.

And I would be concerned for my mate………. with the head shape that for some reason has Sunday league rugby players doing high tackles around his neck, whenever he’s standing on the touchline watching a game. Fortunately, I’m convinced that the density and depth of his skull-case means that he’d be immune to even pure light electromagnetic radiation…………. with optical amplification……… and limited diffraction. The rest of us would need a 4″ lead helmet.

So all you two and 3 mobie carriers……mind yourself. Not only are these things going to empty our bank accounts, eventually; they’re also going to fill our craniums with ‘cheoo;mahz’. And yes, I do have a mobie. I was ‘wowed’ enough to get in on the fad when they came out and don’t have the fortitude to get out of it now that I’m addicted to the errr ‘convenience’? However, I won’t be wasting any capital on any fancy, fweejee crack-phone-caine’s – Sound silly? Just look at your average teenage mobie owner – ADDICK’S.

gadgetsI can access the web at work, I have a proper sat nav in mi car, can perform basic mental arithmetic and have a laptop in my yard to peruse anything else I may need – as have most people with a 3G, 16 valve, carbon fibre, business class mobie………with tariff and radiation to match. Plus, as was noted in a comment on the article: “If overweight people can’t bring themselves to stop eating and the symptoms are blatantly obvious, how is anyone expected to stop using a cell’ phone where the symptoms are invisible?” Oh, and I will vigorously defend the use of CASH, when the follow-fashion herberts start bragging that they can buy a beer with their mobile microwa… oops.. phone.

On a philosophical level – Life should be uncomplicated enough to not always need web access, should it not? Which is, in itself, far more convenient than constantly having to ‘go online’ to confirm what I’ve found to be 98% superfluous ‘SCHIT’.

But alas……the power of a global cabal of marketers, over the TV abusing ‘Group Mind’ is undeniable.Just an opinion…..I could be wrong!!

SECOND ………..                                                      Date:  May 4, 2011

                                     ………..PARAGRAPH from the bottom.

babyThose smartphones are going to turn out to be a curse.All those, shepherded into the pen by the temptation of free apps (just like those lassooed by ‘free evenings and weekends’ [ME!!!], back in the day) are in for a shock………………too late, of course. How many people do you know who have had their credit/debit cards milked? How many have lost their cards? How many have had their LIFE, sorry, cashcards withheld by an ATM? Well, in enough years time, when the ‘style over substance’ follow-fashion monkies have all their finances being processed through their phones…yes PHONES and bragging that……..

 “I can buy a mars bar 2p cheaper, because I tap mi phone instead of handing over cash.” Just wait!!! It won’t be long before the prices rise to absorb the ‘discount’ – just like ‘direct debit payments and oyster cards (the price of an Oyster journey is now MARRRRRRCH higher than the price of tickets for the same journey before trend- monitoring-oysters, were introduced – including inflation – and the cost without oyster just forces the sensible, grumpy, luddites, like me, into the cage along with the sheople).

Next time you watch Frankenstein, or The Terminator, and see the cyborgs distressing the numpties (that also couldn’t see beyond the end of their …..TV remotes) have a look at your I-Android-pod, or whatever they are, phones ……………………..yes – PHONES for ‘ucks sake!! It used to be one phone per household, paying a QUARTERLY bill and engaging in conversation with people instead of sending “texziz” (when I hear herberts saying texziz, I just want to kick them in the throat – Is “TEXTS” so difficult to pronounce?). Now I see 10 year olds wandering around with their own ‘monthly charge, or PAYYYY as you go’, funnelling the family’s green dollar bills to the cy-corps.

addictionNitto is free, except that which is provided by nature (and, of course, the aliens introduced ownership of nature to the rest of humanity; So now, to just stand ANYWHERE, you have to pay an alien money.) Anyway,  if you see a bunch of money grabbing corporations giving away phones worth hundreds of squid, with minutes thrown in, and texziz, and web, and a squintillion apps –  you have to, at least, ask yourself…………”how long before I‘m paying for this, LARGE?”. And the answer is…

When you’re hopelessly addicted or have no choice!!

I mean look at my mate, with the headshape that causes migrating birds to deviate from their seasonal destination(s) and dive to view the unearthly object below; he has owned every single i-thing, and some other HTSamrola things since they were laid before him, like the feast in Pans Labyrinth…….and he plucked at it just like the little girl, in the movie. And since then……..the T-MO’nster has been emptying his bank account at will. Well……..when they start putting your CASH through those things, you in trouble.  As they can be switched off at the whim of a corp, for say….being late with a bill payment, or being temporarily in the schitt having been dumped by a corp, because the banks decided to shag us all for fun and…… gains. Or you ‘own bizniz’ fother muckers delay on paying one of your tax bills. So I will stick to my sony ewickson antique phone until it dies, as BT have also jumped on the TEEFing bandwagon and are seeking monthly payments, too – what the phuck happened to weekly pay and quarterly bills, whilst we were all watching footie and thinking we were smart?

Is all of the above a conspiracy theory? No!! As Conspiracy Theory can now be defined as: “Please!! Too many long words, I want to watch footie!”

It’s independent thought – Rare!! And I’m not even going to get into the Osbama bullschitt…..well I might, but reckon it’s just too obvious, so there’s no point.

CHIP & “NEEDLE”                                                Date: 1 December, 2008

mad scientistThey’ve taken their “science” all the way to Papua New Guinea to do their experiments on WE (yep…… look at the pictures ……..looks like YOU……. and ME [with no straightener or razer]). And if you know anything about Indonesia…………. it’s a USatan protectorate, and has done some wicked tings on the behalf of Beelzebub. And remember PNG is ram, cark, jam full of natural resources too. So if the indigenous people were to suffer the same way as Africans…. hey…. double bubble!! Less savages to manage and plenty of wealth to plunder.  But before we even consider discussing that issue – the question should be – how did those people get this thing, and so many of them?


They’re doing this in P.N.G. and Africa, but………….. BUT………….. LOOK AT THIS. [especially the last 3 lines of paragraph 2]………. did you hear anything about this great big, world changing announcement from the W.H.O. on your telescreen, or in The(ir) Metro?  Guess why?  I can’t tell you….. they won’t tell you.  So ponder it yourself, and trust your own sense (most don’t, when they get their own [correct] conclusion…………. because they’re scared of that conclusion, so they wait for the TV to give them one. For example – some men, 9 of whom happen to still be alive… flew 2 planes into 2 skyscrapers and made 3 buildings fall down!! Some people STILL go with that…. rather than trust their own conclusion)Anyway, once you come to your own conclusion, remember some of we STILL think that because chattel slavery has been changed to debt slavery (for all) and the duppies no longer steal the children away from the parents to separate them from their roots (TV does a wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnderful job of separating “the average”, from almost anything beneficial to the soul/spirit) some of we think we’re OK, and like to boast about being “optimistic”. They’re the type who will ‘mindbrush’ the last 3 lines of paragraph 2, in the interests of “optimism”……………. and “hope”.I understand that in a selfish individualist way they can be optimistic – because the plans aren’t being made to damage them (in our age group…….. over here) most of us are goners in a decade or two – TOPS – even if we eat our Genetically Modi – five a day!! The plans (over here) are for the children – Yours, or your grandchildren.  Don’t let your children suffer because of ignore-rants (especially ignoring my rants).

Some people think that Faux Bama is going to help and that any negativity from realists like myself, is just bare, plain, willful negativity. Well…………..hear me!! Once they get the swearing in ceremony over and all the “Hope”ers get over their “histe/orical” moment of misplaced pride…………………….. watch me show you how much that boy is going to change. Because he can’t/won’t change schitt!!! DIG DAT!!


haitiLook at the change in his advisory appointments – check the credentials of all of them and you’ll find…………….. “he hasn’t changed jack”. In the case of his chief of staff……….. his choice is WORSE than before. Check that fella out and you’ll be stunned at Baraks choice. But [whisper] we all know he didn’t choose any of them, don’t we – he’s just a face.  Of course his perception management team will fool the fools with some PR bullschitt, but I want to see if he will stop the people of Haiti from EATING MUD, as a punishment from his same country, for wanting to be independent of the duppy system.

All Ohhhhh Barmy can provide is what he’s provided thusfar…………….. Hope!! Hope like that hope provided by that book similar in name, but identical in definition to “Fable”. The book they gave us all those years ago – and turned us from ourselves into wanabes that will never, ever be, instead of helping us build on what we are.  Obama hasn’t and isn’t going to change Jack!!  Remember – Dem duppy ah com fi wi……………… wid science!!Apologies to any happy hopers if this has distressed their happy day (I was going to try and keep the realism on the downlow, as many people are going to feeeeeel some reeeeeaalism in the coming months, anyway, and unlike the past few years may turn on the Me-ssenger – but I’m dealing with the realists who see with their own eyes and ears; the “We” people, not the “Me” people!!


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