Obsama Bin Lying?


Date: Mon, 09 May 2011.                  Subject: Obsama Bin Lying?

Yet again?  Look, the fother muckers are lying… Oooohh…blinkin’…Kayyyyyy!!  Now I expect some bonehead, with a self-defeating loyalty to their telescreens to come back with: “Well as you said that, you must provide me with a timeline, visual, audio and written report, confirming exactly what happened and who did what to whom and how……or what your saying has no credence.”  To which I respond: “Go self-copulate with a lamp-post, you retarded, back of the class, script repeating, YOOO-ESS-AY vomiting TV abuser”

Whenever ‘the[ir] system’ makes up any patently obvious bullshit and an independent thinker (rare) just says “Hang on a minute?”, the phallus heads start doing backflips like the useless hamsters they are.  If you have done any checks (ie, not relying on an automaton reading a teleprompter) … If you have done any cursory checks you’ll know that even the FBI have stated that they have no evidence to link Osama to 9 one-one. YEAH….It’s true.

Besides – YOU and I know, he couldn’t have masterminded such an act – I mean could he have arranged the dress rehearsals for planes to fly into buildings in NY AS-phuqqing-WELL (well that was taking place on the day; which is why there was no response from their airforce – check it yourself.) Could he have arranged a dress rehearsal in LONDON on seven-seven, which was checking responses to explosions in the same locations…………..as those which the bombs went off? – check it yourself. Bit of a coincidence ay? Could he have nicked all the film from all of the camera’s surrounding BOTH incidents? Did he tell the BBC that the 3rd building was going to fall 20 minutes before it did, and then nick the footage (which, thankfully, is available on the internet and is not FAKE like the endless Osama videos).  [BTW – do you know how many KPea brains STILL think only 2 buildings fell in NY, on 911? It’s mind blowing. Ask around and you’ll understand why I’m so insulting to the gullible minded hoi polloi]

So!         He didn’t do it!       And that’s that.

Common Sense (oxymoron) says so; at least beyond “a reasonable and tolerant doubt”, anyway. And that’s just being polite, for the technicality relying dunderheads.  Now here’s the bit that tickles the bovine script-repeaters. They can stand it if you say …   “I DON’T KNOW WHO DID IT!”.    That blows their brains right out, LoL – Because, to the TV abusers, if you know full well HE didn’t do it – you HAVE TO know who did! Dumb bast’ds can’t reconcile you knowing he couldn’t have, but not stating who did.  Some even decide to tell me who I think did it. Usually thus: “Oh, so you’re saying the gubberment did it, then? You’re a conspeeesi theeeei-eeeeeist”.

bbcWhen THEY mentioned the government – not me! Happens all the time. Script repeaters. Just like the BBC newsreaders above – so separate from what they’re spouting that they can’t even see the building standing through the window, as they declare it having fallen. And people trust these fools to tell the truth.  Stupid dunderheads – I make sure I never ever mention the government, but always silently judge the toiletpaper-heads that declare, “Oh, so the gubberment did it, then?”, in that condescending tone.  When it is the sceptics/thinkers/checkers/monitors that have that right (yes they do) to be condescending.

PLUS – I heard a much more reliable source than our newsreaders, (who have intercourse with idiot-minds every evening) The ex President of Pakistan said Osbama died years ago……and a little later she was shot and blown up. Plus there’s far more evidence pointing to his previous demise than the crap being put out by that black prostitute in the white house.   But who cares, anyway, he didn’t perpetrate Nine 1-1, so why waste time on him?  Because that’s his purpose. To distract they’re own sssss’choopid people from the long, and ever growing list of international crime and corruption being actioned RIGHT NOW, all over the world.

They also say we can expect some wevenge on our streets because western leaders killed their home-made boogie man Osbama, in a million dollar dump in Pakistan.  Well, we can more likely expect some schitt on our streets because this sociopathic country started, encouraged and eventually began bombing another countries people and then shamelessly murdered  that countries equivelant to william and his half brother, harry. All in the, standard, process of trying to steal yet another country. The leaders grandchildren were only toddlers. What did they do?

g8And it’s not because the leader, Gadaffi, was policing his people just as the UK and US do during G8/WTO trade summits – it was because, just like Sadman Hussein, he decided to begin the process of selling his countries assets (Oil) in a currency of their choosing and moreso because he was committing the cardinal sin of encouraging the AFRICAN continent to get together and realise their true potential (that can never be allowed to happen – given that it’s by far the naturally richest continent on earth, hence the constant wars and corruption funded by….yep, you guessed it ) – Just as they provided the dolts with the fully bought and paid for ‘uncle’ barack obsama – and to think, I had to listen to mature human beings wailing with joy, that a black man has now become, effectively, the most evil man in the world. Donkies!

Job Description: Must be willing to do ANYTHING, as instructed, by a cabal of psychotic profit mongers.
Qualifications: Ability to convince the ‘useless eaters’ that you’re different to the last ho to hold the post.

Yep, we have our quota of donkies too. If they see a Black President blow up children it’s OK because, previously, only a white president could. I’d show them a whipping that’d make their ancestors wince. Traitors! barack obsama is no different to the black, sell-out, corrupt tyrants that the west create and prop up, in Africa. Imagine. An African man sending africom into Africa.  And I had to suffer so many short sighted ignorami – like my mate with a headshape that once won me a surprise Turner prize when we went along to a gallery and I left him in an exhibit room, whilst I went to buy a refreshment – people telling me this house n…… was worthy of a thumb-press on my TV remote. Oh deary me!

Anyway, Gadaffi was planning to sell his oil in gold dinars (Sadman decided to sell his in euros and was dispatched [along with 500,000 children] for that reason – having a WWMD – a Weapon of Western Monetary Destruction). If you’ve read the ‘confessions of a economic hitman’, you’ll have an understanding  as to how the real, and only, global criminal network works – which would explain bliars visit to Gadaffi shortly before all this BS started:

“Yo, Missa G, we let out your man, that we framed (he he) for the Lockerbie affair, and it made you look good at home. Come on, matey. Stick with our worthless dollars and forget the darkies. Otherwise it’ll upset the money masters. And we know what happens when you upset the money masters, tee hee hee. Later!“

If he had agreed, he’d be free to kill anyone in his country, and be supported by cam-moron, obsama and co.  If not, as was likely, he’ll be……….”DICTATOR, BRUTAL, TYRANT, BRUTAL, AGAINST HIS OWN PEOPLE, BRUTAL”, followed by “INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY, HUMANITARIAN AID, NO FLY ZONE, COALITION” and then, the usual………
DEATH!     DEATH!        DEATH!  …….     MONEY, thanks!!

And then there’s that other country that’s committing “humanitarian nightmares”, and is also getting the negative, western, headlines. Even if it were true; what would you do if you knew this was happening in your country? I know what I’d do. STOP IT, as best and as swiftly as I could. That’s why so many people criticise real leaders like Castro, for his hard line in Cuba. He has no choice. The unrelenting efforts the devils put into stealing other peoples stuff beggars belief, so I’d be just as rough on the traitors, too.  <Commence the script repeaters mantra> “Corrrrr your a tywant, just like them”

To which I’d respond – “Go to Iraq and ask the Iraqi’s who they’d prefer, having experienced both – Sadman the tyrant, or the devils from the west?” And you’ll see that many so-called tyrants aren’t that bad at all. Comparatively at least.
Especially when compared to the leadership of the west. In fact, just take a look at the place since the brutish and the united snakes went in.

peaceThink about it – other countries don’t come all the way to this boring piece of soulless coal trying to corrupt the country, and it’s populace? Yet this country has set-up all kinds of ways to stop people from even thinking about Truth, let alone expressing it. So just imagine if you ran a country and had these devils at your door, window, keyhole, drain and chimney…..every minute of every single day spreading lies and deceit.  You’d have to either give in, or be tough. I know which I’d choose.

So….if you find yourself, or a relative flying through the air with limbs missing, don’t be fooled into the “al-CIAda are responsible” horseschitt. It could be one of many, many, many countries being ruined by THIS COUNTRY’s and it’s bast’d son, the US’ leadership; simply reeeeeee-ack-tingggg….. to the constant looting of their resources and the desire of a small bunch of psychopaths to turn the whole planet into an unspiritual, anti-nature work-work-spend-spend-DIE without a smile, plantation…………… just like this one. So even if you is sssssschoopid enough to believe the gardage about believe Al CIAda this and Al CIA da that, it’s all a reaction. Stop the action and there’ll be no re-action. Not so? Common Sense?

It’s only because this country is spiritually desiccated that the sheople here can’t understand how awful it is. Even after they go to countries with soul, but little material junk; they come back and bleat:   “They were all smiling and happy, even though they’re soooo poor” – and they can’t understand why. Answer?
“Because they still have soul, you 3 house, 5 TV, 2 car, 20,000 calorie munching, huge DEBT carrying, holiday-hooligan. And that’s why you’re NOT happy. And why you look like a miserable schitt everyday standing on the train/tube, or sitting in a jam.  So stop feeling so smug because others don’t have a flat screen and a house adorned with locks and alarms. They still have a soul and a genuine smile. Stay off the planes and stay in your overrated too much schitt country and stop corrupting human beings with your fake bank notes and satellite dishes.”  If you hear any spawn of this satanic country farting the ‘scripts’ about Obsama, Al CIAda, or TELLORRRRRIST garbage, make them know what they stand for, before they go criticising, and be unrelenting.

Remember it is because of the humanity of most of the rest of planet earth, that The Devil has wreaked its havoc. Those human beings couldn’t let the aliens starve, and helped them. And in return………..look at the state of the world. Don’t let their apathetic, intellectually lazy cannon fodder think they can get away with it also, just because they see herberts like michael palin going ‘round the world in 80 days’ insulting other cultures, as if his lack of culture is worth the snot in a hanky.

You can thrash them with Truths, just as the rest of the world suffers from their lies. If they ignore the truth, or start repeating the lies, thrash them with Truth again. And again. Truth is like holy water to the skin of that possessed girl, in The Exorcist – “it burrrrrrnzzz” and it must do. Imagine having to change your nature.  Synthetic cyborg fother muckers!


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