Parents? A “Pair of Runt’s” more like


The PARENT? ‘PAIR of RUNT’s’ more like!!                        Date: 30 Sept 2009


bbc2  Notice how there’s not too much mention of the other girlZZZ (yes NUFF others) that suffered partial paralysis, some experienced chronic nausea, some blackouts and MUCH MUCH more. The Stchoopid would never have thought this possible when “the suits” prepared to assault their children (shyeah – their precious [ha ha] children) with this POINTLESS poison.Listen them:
“the vaccination was “most unlikely to have caused the…” The outright temerity!!  So WHAT DID THEN, MISSAH NHS..CIENCE?  WHAT WAS this “serious underlying medical condition”? Come on…..out with it yoooouuu ‘kin…..?
gagging orderDon’t be sitting with your PR team making things up, now!! And where’s the doltish family’s voice in all this? I don’t heeeeearrr themmmm!! Media blocked eh? Blocked until you get the fat wad together and a nice  silencing’ contract? (Not that they deserve to say ANYTHING, now that they’ve proved themselves base failures.) In my opinion… just like the parents of dead soldiers – they almost deserve the pain. The ignorant children and adolescent squaddies do not really deserve what they get/got.  But parents; soooo ‘kin stchoopid as to allow complete strangers to steer there children to DEATH, so blatantly and obviously – should never have been gifted them. As in common law, today…. Ignorance is no defence. The info is there for all RESPONSIBLE people/ parents to peruse.  But they don’t. Because they’re lazy……….and ssssstchoopid……and presumptuous in any old suits’ favour.
People should ALWAYS assume the worst with these things – Never ever assume that y/our interests are a priority. Think the worst….and then work backwards by checking until you find all to be well. And not the other way round. I bet you if the Morton family had seen some of my previous mails about this very subject they’d have sniggered back at me.”Ughhh another boring conspeeseee theeeiee!”
A child had to DlE? And all the information about this was available to read………………..long long ago, but…
But what? How did the child end up as she did.  “Ha ha that’s just another boring conspeeseee theeeiee!”
Well….he who laughs first (without checking) bawls first. And when it’s too late, too. THE……FOTHER MUCKING INFORMATION…….IS THERE!!  OK, it may be hidden behind online: shopping, facetybook, TWITter, smut,
footie, movies and games, but………it’s there. It’s all about prioritising the information intake. Useful v Use/Point/Meaning….less.The torture of knowing the above is REAL life!! I just have to be dreaming!!
And to follow on; on the subject of rank inanity, what kind buffoon would think that because The [‘kin] Spun newspaper goes against one politrician, the other might win??  What the…?  If The Spun, went against me, I shouldn’t be concerned. And I expect a professional pol…i…ti…cian…. to be able to think that way also. It’s a comic, to be enjoyed as such. Not something anyone over the age of 8 would consider an influence on their politrickal decisions…..    For crying out loud!!   What is going on?Still……’s all good. As everyone’s concentrating on such ‘nothing’, and nobody’s talking about the ‘highly successful TEEFING mission’ those same politricians were involved with, last year.  Again….. ‘kin around with our children’s futures.So, it seems, another mission accomplished in the perpetual ‘few brains v the masses of rear-ends’, of which we are all obviously regarded as..’kin ell.  Man an man just has to be dreaming!!
The PARENTS? ‘PAIR of RUNTs’ more like!                Date: 1 October 2009
Now they say she had a tumour, and when she got injected with the poi…. sorry, experim…. hmmm….. vaccine, she died. So why did they give it to her, without checking…. or KNOWING… the result of such a combination, so they could warn the guine… sorry… children? Tell you why! Because even if, at best, it was created to benefit the public, at best, it wasn’t tested properly. At worst…….
LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS                       Date:  1 September, 2008


vaccine2    …… They’re now pushing the vaccine in schools??!?!???

“The vaccine is given in three separate doses and – at about £240 for a course – is the most expensive vaccine to be routinely offered by the NHS.” – Qui bono?

Still…… NO WORRIES?  …….and soon for boys, too? More profits!!
Next thing they’ll be vaccinating boys against pee’od pain. And you know what? A great many parents WOULD accept and pay for it too (indirectly via taxes) – all you need is some “expert” TELL the <responsible?> parents that they’re going to INJECT their ‘drone’ children (and provide some scary buzzword) and the bigger, older worker-drones hand over their progeny!
Show you what I mean as politely as possible (as I remind myself – not to describe ‘cking buffoons as …..well……. ‘cking intellectually lazy, blinkered, worker-buffoons)

Question: How many averagely reasonable, parents do you think, have CHECKED what’s in/side effects/# victims/research time/testing of this chemical being injected into their “future”? And how many just TRUST… big pharma, and their employees, (your government ministers?)

If the young ladies were taught, and behaved like ladies (ladies everywhere except the west, that is) they’d likely not need this. And the result? Boys, because their isn’t endless queues of desperate ….xual experimenters to pick up and discard, would more than likely select their queen and go about starting a kingdom. Well it’s more likely anyway. They’re going to use public (Our) money to inject chemicals into all our children, and not a single person I know, on the entire planet, has even mentioned this MASS chemical infusion, into the “worker-children”, as worthy of conversation, let alone checks/queries.

YET….. my footie loving mates (fathers, too) all know, and get great pleasure in discussing say, Tottenham having signed Palvyucheevucychjfeuwhbdedwevcnko for £14m squid. They seem to have no idea why there’s so much “footie” available for their delectation, and think it’s just  there like a “fortunate” accident..        My lip is decidedly bitten!!


DEJA VU                                  15 February 2008

Check these two links?  I BEG YOU, just read them (2.5 minutes each – tops)

Natures clocks don’t snooze

Nature doesn’t give rain-checks.

And the saddest thing is, when I ask young ladies, these days, (15-20) “So what’s your plans for the future?”, you know what I hear?  Well I’ll condense it, to save all the differently worded, but effectively, identical responses. The answer I hear is, in a nutshell…………… “I want to be a young man!”

Now, I know there’s all these reasons: “houses cost lots”, “I need an income!”, “Where are the men…”; but be they true or not, that doesn’t negate from the fact that they see no choice but to effectively…… be men!!  I have never ever, in the past 5-10 years, when asking any of the young ladies I’ve met what they want for the future, never heard a single one mention the words children, husband or “family”.  Not….. a single one!!

end of menAnd yet we berate those forward thinking cultures that support and assist the inexperienced, understandably naive young by “arranging” their good future, or paying their young women major attention (which they may not enjoy, as like the mythical snake in eden, TV is always telling young ladies to hate themselves, and that children/family are a sin), but the attention sets them in good stead for their loooong future with their families (and, of course, our TV is busy selling us the darkside of all this and, regardless of what we see with our own eyes…..most will believe the tv too) .
The women (western) are letting the(ir) young’ns down, by not passing on their experience and knowledge of these matters – instead they follow TV’s influence, or ignore it’s impact on them/the children and when it comes to family matters all girls hear from women is about the rogues THEY chose themselves and who turned out to be……. well …… the rogues that THEY chose themselves.

And when “masochistic headbangers”,  like myself, are speaking to young women and ask if children/family fit into their ambitions…. well….. <<sound of screeching tyres>> . That’s the beauty of the big trick.  They look at me like I’m the mythical “Osama’s Sins Fading”. Every single one, without exception. Because of the TV induced anti-family campaign, the youngsters have no intention to fulfil their sole purpose of existence (in the real world, that is – not this matrix-esque plantation thingy we’re ALL struggling in now)

woman3Ladies….. like the birds and the bees, it’s your job help the younger girls understand, and prepare for womanhood. If we fellas try, we going to get it wrong. Why? Because we men – we mould boys into men by means of a big piece of wood – preferably with nails in it. And we still would……. “They” could never trick us out of our manhood, so they changed the laws to stop us guiding the little bast’ds with physical vigour (and look what’s happened).  It was your foremothers (western) that got tricked by the “game creators”, and look where it got so many of you/your mates?

They’ve now got:
Good job? (all hours, plus work at home – unless…… [note man can live in a dump, with ease])
Good money? (never enough),
Good home (lifelong millstone & empty),
Good car (on tik), and…………
Some have babies (but have to farm them out to strangers, to get the above)
Getting Jiggy? (facebook)

Too much of everything and too little of anything.  And look where it got so many of your men, who can and by their nature will, like vultures, take liberties with the abundance of carrion left lying all over the place.  (note – “by their innate nature”, which it is.)  Eventually they too get to an age where they’re wandering around asking the same question: “Where are all our women gone? – All I see are these potential ‘colleagues’!!! Where is the, potential, mother of my children and my, potential, wife?” Hidden behind the forest of hussy looking things displaying themselves to all and sundry, or wandering around the office trying, once again, to imitate masculinity (and failing, as even women can’t stand working for women because of this pretend manhood)

Also note the manz cannot carry on, with such roguish abandon as they do here, in those countries/cultures most of us have been taught to criticise – as they set up systems to control that “nature”. (though satellite TV is doing it’s work at dismantling their domestically fulfilled [by comparison] existence – and more (not all) of the women have some feminine pride, too.)

But we….. we been tricked into being freeeeeee to do what we please, when we please and………  And look at the feral children, who we’ve been tricked into not giving the licks they need. And as for us grown-ups….well….. like night follows day, so many are wandering around all………….   Ladies don’t hate.  Just tell me if you dis/agree with all, some or none.

Otherwise I have to listen to………………….. me. And I’m a man… and we think we always right until convinced otherwise.


SUPERMUM? Lying TRICKSTER more like!!                                  Date: 6 August 2008

supermum“Nicola Horlick, who combined a City career with raising a family of six in the 1990s, is often hailed as the archetypal supermum.  However her marriage crumbled and she divorced in 2003.”   Disingenuous hag!!  It would be a lot funnier, if the back-to-front trendsetter hadn’t helped convince so many young fad/mag abused females to ruin their children, marriages, old age……………… and caREARS trying to do what every sensible person knows, they can….not… – which is “Everything”.
For crying out loud, it’s a partnership, ladies – not a competition. Do your thing, and we will do our thing……………………. as every civilisation has done for squintillions of years.  Go to any native “village” in the world that hasn’t been corrupted by western upside-downism, and you find they have a system, at least VERY similar to the obvious, orderly one I subscribe to.  WHY,……. after all these millennia?  Because it serves the village and all within……………………well!!   Imagine, in your minds eye, a native village following our women’s example. Can you imagine the state?  Yep – just like ours. A complete societal shambles.

But plenty of cheap labour for the chief to exploit – good thing their chiefs regard themselves as a part of the whole, unlike ours who, often understandably, look at us like a mob of brainless mules.  And before you say it – one salary could pay for a house/home previously – that changed, in part when everyone got craven  (Sin?) and ladies began this independence folly and went and signed their Faustian Pact by accepting the “standard” temptation of the green dollar bills, so they could tell their fella where to stick it, if they had a perfectly normal fall-outWell ladies – Gimme a report on this “independence” lick, now?  Nice?

The banks and social engineers used all this “independence” to profit from the extra car loans, home loans, 0% til 2034 furnishings and also benefit from the destruction of family homes………….. replaced with ‘independent’ flats (worker cells). So even if we did bang our heads together and decided “Stick the ‘competition’ – life’s worth more than gold”, they [the system] already bolted the door on many of us, by tempting the Property P0r.n.stars with sprinklings of cash TODAY which reduce the actual number of family homes available TOMORROW – by splitting them into deliberately overpriced “worker cells”, as in London.  Well…………… much as it has damaged society, there is still an almighty joke hidden within all this.

manipulation2Chaps, can you imagine a bunch of magazine articles, crass documentaries, and a few male equivalents to GerMAiN Greer ever persuading you to discard your manhood to try and mimic female traits? Ever? Dudes, can you imagine a situation where you were taking care of your family/home, and all your friends were available to link up during the day, and help one another with the DIY, and crack a joke in between your fatherly duties – and you give it allll up…………… to sit in a creche all day with untold ladies telling you how to do this, or that with the clothes, baby and shopping? So you can go buy a flat screen, and some rims?  Would you?

Well…………. it happened to our once, 100% women/mothers/wives………….. and, yes, they were “individual” people, too, back then – their children just called them mum, instead of Rachel, that’s all.  And now the present generation of knackered spinsters, instead of berating their predecessors with the utmost vigour, and screaming out loud; “They got ‘ucked up…….proper, and now we’re damaged, too!!”, they describe the symptoms of the socially engineered conjob and explain why they “we have to…..” discard womanhood, just to live.  Everyone knows that, nowwwwwwww!!!  The question should be how did we end up in this neutered, a5exuaI mess in a single generation? If we reasoned that question, maybe we can prevent future conjobs (to either gender).
Anyway – I’ll tell you how we ended up in this garbage can; as it’s easy…………..easy as it was when I was noticed this ‘buIIet in the foot’ fad growing, from about the age of 15. It happened as common sense became ever less common. Coincidently, as the impact of untold TV channels began to take hold and by our not battering buII5h!t when we heard/saw it – like during the 90’s when that Horlick fake was playing up to the obvious lie.. and describing to the world how the impossible as attainable.  So, whilst I hate each and every advocate of family destruction for the sake of selfish competition, corporate profits and “My own…….” – I/we must remember that they/we were victims of the dreaded, Trends. Just as I have been the victim of some far less corrosive fads.  Like Global Warming, Tellorrrrrrrr and all the other here today, gone tomorrow (Ozone Layer?) fads.

You know some people (and alas some new age ‘anti-men’ too) STILL say foolishness like males are just as SUIT….ABLE… to bringing up children as females. Whenever I hear that 5h!t, I could just kick a complete stranger.
Able? Yes……just as a woman can pick up an AK……, but suitable or preferable (for cash bonus’)?
Reminds me when they took this trend to the marines and found that the women, generally, couldn’t throw the gren@d.e.s far enough to not blow…ha haaaaaiiiiii… themselves up!! So instead of saying “What do we need that women can provide… better than the men?” Simple!!
Some Misogynist (IMHO) suggested redesigning gren@d.e.s – instead of simply replacing the women with better suited fellas.

And what’s so wrong with being a woman that they feel so belittled because a man hands them the cash he earns? What would a man do with all his cash if he doesn’t have a family to hand it too?  At best pointless chattels or displays of hoarded ‘green’….. At worst bare v!ces. Sometimes I wonder what it’s like to not have a mind of your own – I really wish I could experience it for a minute or two, and see what it’s like to somehow be convinced to give up my function so my wife can go get told what to do by other men while I take care of the babies and cook the dinner.  The irony is that I believe I’ve actually left the cave. But that’s in my reality tunnel.


HA HA HA HO, HO OH DEAR!            Date: 20 July 2012

They’ll think up any kind of desperate bullschitt before they just revert to nature and ENCOURAGE WOMEN (not persons or partners) to take care of their children, and cease the craven game, that has left so many of them starved of spiritual value. But because they’ve been hoodwinked into hating their own womanhood……nobody can afford to, now. Everyones got a flat, in what used to be a family home.
And now….everyone’s phucked. Especially the resultant psycho children.Bringing children to work for a month? WTF next? An EU mandate requiring an annexe be built onto the side of every office site, so they can own the entire family?
The only positive thing about this is the amount of comedy that can be extracted from listening to ‘Modern, dumbed down, PC ravaged, anti-men’  as they try to legitimise these final stages of the destruction of the family. The downside is too many dumba$$ed fother muckers can convince themselves this preposterous amalagation can, in any way, be good.


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