Financial Catastrophe? For Who?


WARNINGI can TELL the FUTURE.                                            Date: Sep 18 2007

Recession deh ’bout!!   Next year IS going to be darrrrk!!  Save your money, and pay off those outstanding ism’s. (And I have NOFF ism’s to pay off, after “living” for 15 months – just hope I whittle them down before the P45’s start beheading us at random).  That’s it!!

FINANCIAL CATASTROPHE? FOR WHO?                                      Date:  Oct 8  2008


If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.
Thomas Jefferson,  1743 – 1826

“Inflation has now been institutionalized at a fairly constant 5% per year. This has been determined to be the optimum level for generating the most revenue without causing public alarm. A 5% devaluation applies, not only to the money earned this year, but to all that is left over from previous years. At the end of the first year, a dollar is worth 95 cents. At the end of the second year, the 95 cents is reduced again by 5%, leaving its worth at 90 cents, and so on. By the time a person has worked 20 years, the government will have confiscated 64% of every dollar he saved over those years. By the time he has worked 45 years, the hidden tax will be 90%. The government will take virtually everything a person saves over a lifetime.”
G. Edward Griffin, 1931 – present.

This guy wrote a book called The Creature From Jekyll Island – Muscular book. For those allergic to 2+ printed pages, technology has come to the rescue there is a 7 part video that can be watched here.


Just remember – NONE of what’s going on is catastrophe……………………………… for those that deliberately create these profitable “events”.  One of my bredrins, I was talking to yesterday, dropped statements like “Babylons systems crashing down!”, which demonstrated his absolute, complete and unequivocal misunderstanding of what’s actually happening.  “Babylonians”  floods economies with fake money, in a similar way to how 21st century farmers pours nuggets of ground up cow, in the trough, to feed……….. cows.  And the people, having been taught ZERO principles, ethics, morals or any form of philosophical wisdom (and are almost terrified of the terms let alone able to seek such themselves) simply steam into the money, so they can make more money. Just like the cows in the field.

What do you think of a cow… being completely oblivious to the fact that it’s eating cow?
What do you think if a cow that walks, with only ever so slight coercion into the slaughter-house?

babylon systemWell that’s EXACTLY what the orchestrators of this unbelievably predictable and worn out technique of enslaving “the useless eaters”, think of you……. and me…… and your grandchildren (born yet, or not).  They do this over and over, and somehow we don’t see it coming – or we do, but the “in it to win it” posse give in, and we all sink.  As I said to my bonafide last night:
This IS Babylons system!!   This IS what Babylons system does!!

This is no catastrophe to the “Babylonians”…. this is bordering on comedy, to them. Whenever they decide… they throw out the very same bait they always do, reel in the blind, craven, short-sighted and selfish and then when the net is bulging with, seemingly, fat fish, they hoist up the net. Of course some fat (looking) fish escape, but the majority are going to get some seeee’ious sufferaaaaation as they’re thrown on the deck to dry out.

Even those that escape the proverbial net are going to find their profits getting ravaged by the ridiculous inflation the Babylonians are now pouring into the system. And wait to see how many of these craven people will have the substance to aid their children who will be paying for all this in lack of assistance with education, housing, medicine (soon), reduced benefits if they slip off the slippery “road” for a bit, unemployment and all the “invisible” ills that the drunk with greed posse don’t see – even when it’s afflicting them. People aren’t taught these things on the TV/in school (for a reason). Therefore they don’t know. The think the worlds going to end.  They’re taught that “To have…. is to be”. Rather than; “To think, to question, to wonder, and maybe to just be…. is to be.” So they don’t they question nothing. And even if they do, such questions often require them to find the answer themselves, [<sound of> screeching of tyres and carcrash] and that’s become anathema.  Learning/understanding is for work only……….. and maybe footie.

I know some people so craven for money, for example, that when I ask them what do you want all this money for; for an instant, you can see the glaze come over (as autopilot fails for a sec)…. they then ponder and then vomit the standard comments – “I wanna retire on Wednesday!”, or “Mi pensions will be poo!” – Bullschitt – You want it because they’ve been conditioned to want, want, want it, and like the cows in the analogy above, they can be led to their own slaughter by the innate, and natural, cravenness and rapaciousness, that we should all sit back and try to contain through some kind of wisdom.

Another of my manz; my bone-head-fide, said to me in a te[x]t-a-te[x]t, last night “This is the price of progression!” Progression?
Our food is 20%plastic 30%sugar 30%salt and 20%SCHITT, the water is 20%antibiotics, 30%chlora-tetra-ide-ide, 30%…spew-zine and 20%p!ss, the air is full of poisoxides, the landscape has gone from this…. to this, it takes 25 years of your most productive life just to have a home, your children belong to the state from about 4 til EIGHTEEN, and because the TV has pummelled it into his odd shaped cranium that to have…. is to be, he can’t QUESTION, this orthodoxy…… at all. “It’s just the way it is!”

Don’t get me wrong, I am a nincompoop, too – my home is JAM PACKED full of unnecessaries – if it runs on electricity, I have it – my car is unnecessary, I have one bedroom too many, untold TV’s and all because I am human too. No man is an island. And I’m not nearly close to having the baIIs to say to the world what I want and act on it 100%. I like mi mates and am addicted to my life.  But WE…. should learn to help one another rise from this mess. When I go to buy my next wasteful car, or add a few inches to my TV….. my mates should help me with my weakness – instead of boosting me for them. Ask me why? I won’t call you a hater, I’d just leap into debate and try to justify it as we all do, but eventually….. who knows.  (because of this mail I’m just not going to mention any fool purchases in advance…. because the duppy in me wants…… stuff!!)

Anyway, if the majority (not just a few) of people were capable of stepping back and asking questions of themselves and everything, there’d be…… NO GLOBAL DEBACLE today.  There’d be no inflation. We’d all have a home. None of us would be able to declare, with a straight face, that we took home 400million in a year. It just could…… not…… happen. We would develop the Moral Imperative (M.I), with unbelievable ease – it will rise as does the sun. The North American Indians didn’t suffer in boring classrooms when they developed their M.I. The Aborigines, the same. The pre-slavery Africans. They just spent their time doing what was necessary and “reasoning” the rest.

So don’t let any “Babylonian”, or imbecilic knee-jerk responder fool you into thinking we have to be greedy, inconsiderate, short-sighted buffoons as a matter of course. We don’t!! And we shouldn’t have to SCHITT OURSELVES about pensions, medical and old age. And don’t be fooled by the population issue either. Space on earth is treated just like the money on earth………….. all hogged by a few, whilst there is enough for us all and more to spare – we’d just have to be bright enough to use what we need and be reasonable with one another.  We could all have full stomachs, warmth, TV’s and enjoy sunsets, sunrises and more of our time, generally, if only the majority learned………………… to think and exchange their own thoughts. Rather than wait for their thoughts to be implanted by sophisticated tricksters.

All this “retirement” property people started buying – it’s shame we have to wait many years to see it, but if your pensions call you Mummy and Daddy – dig it. There’s no better annuity than a knock on the door of your son/daughter really looking out for them. But so many were scared to have children because of……………………… MONEY!!

Had they sat back and pondered their existence they’d realise they have much more than they need – and ask what the hell am I doing, and why. I know people broke a fother mucker who have children that have grown up to be good people. My parents immigrated to this miserable, fake, dull island…. broke, with no connections. And I’m a phenomenal example of a…. only joking (but I am aren’t I?)  And, besides, who is immediately benefiting from the moment the signature lands on the Faustian mortgage agreements?

So many people simply took money from another – just like them – and handed it over to a bank…. and will now have to hand over the house too.  Because they were greedy and much worse………………….. blinded by it!! This so-called crisis was caused so brutally and obviously, on the way that it’s staggering that a single soul could get caught out.  But then again, when the herd starts stampeding, would you pause to see if it’s a Lion, or Hyena chasing your rear-end, or take a peek to see if it’s food being delivered and ending up last? Imagine trying to stall a stampeding herd, as the farmer pulls up with his bag full of CJDinner. This is why as we get older and hopefully wiser, we should take more time…. all of us. If one and two pause….. what? They simply lose out. If we all paused…. none of us would lose out . The best bit is, that these same people would probably welcome a interest rate cut, that they’re threatening us with now. Which means after all that’s happened……… they still don’t get it.

Sometimes, in moments of weakness I tell myself what many others tell me – “D, this is how it is. You’re bright enough, why not just play their game and go ‘get yours’, too!”  Then I ponder…………


US/K B(F)AIL OUT for the BANKS (People)                       Date: September 22, 2008

Haiti Bailout“They are much smarter, and definitely braver, than we are!”  The temerity of them!!  I actually think the rest of the world must be in as much shock as I am……………… which is why the place isn’t in flames, as I type.  For them to sit………. and have their meetings and think up this, not brilliant, TRILLIANT, idea just overwhelms me.

I can just hear the quotes:

  • “Look – some got away, but no biggie – most individuals and businesses are in debt up to ying yang, and we’ve locked off any means of them borrowing more to fund their bi’niz – many more will soon c(r)ash out”
  • “We’ve merged/absorbed some of the largest financial institutions into less entities for us to have to control, so that a plus – just like back in the 30′s!”
  • “We’ve so damaged two of the biggest, most powerful, countries in the world by getting those two clowns (thatcher and reagan), to tear up their production/manufacturing capacity and sell off all of their assets to….well…. us now………… and their labour costs will soon be more like the rest of the poor world, thanks to the Mexicans and Poles!”
  • “The savings any of them have put away, will get ripped apart by inflation and the massive tsunami of the stuff that’s coming after the additional 1 TRILLION we’ve just lumbered their grand (and great) children with.

[[BTW – at what age did you first hear this preposterous number – a trillion, in common economic terms?]]

Up until now, I was getting to the point where I was actually sitting around saying to myself “This is a mess – those smart people are never going to get out of this one – They’ve miscalculated!!”  Only to find, that all the time they knew what they were going to do………… all the time I was laughing at them; they were carving their brontosaurus d!Ido, in preparation for the regular sized rearward sph!nta… otherwise known as “the common people.”

They orchestrated this entire party, from the endowment mocks to the property p0rn shows……….. to the credit crunch and mergers of the banking giants…………. to this almighty fai… sorry bail out. The heads of these dying orgs are still having a groovy time. Merrill Lynch heads are sharing 200 million, as their firm blends all its power [less lots of proles, of course] into a smaller organisation – The heads of Lehmans almost all have jobs in other firms……….. already. Highly paid too).

And to decide to do what they have done… without concern for the instantaneous public conflagration that the announcement SHOULD HAVE caused? It just shows a knowledge and utter disregard for  the embarrassingly ignunt, and apathetic people, beyond that of any mythical good/evil stories their forefathers tricked, and terrified the ignunt of the previous generations with.

Look at the headline of The Standard today – 5p extra/£ is planned to stabilise the financial system!  Ha haaaa, ha ha ha haaiiiiiiii – COMEDY! True or not……….. it’s all comedy.  I couldn’t believe it!!  I just couldn’t believe what I was reading/seeing/hearing!!

debt2They DELIBERATELY created a debt situation so mind-blowing as to cause even the most pessimistic to believe that the duppy have finally got their comeuppance and BLAM. They just lift it all…………….. and drop it with an almighty smash………….. onto the heads of the people and their unborn children/grandchildren.  And if the mass of people do wake up  from their coma, and function like conscious human beings with eyes and ears that work and are attached to a brain, that considers its single most important responsibility – the welfare of their offspring, what will happen?

TELLORRRRRR laws will be implemented. Tellor laws that were created specifically for this purpose and no OTHER.  And it was all so obvious all the time, that the whole entire theatre show was against the people, and the people alone. The Nine 1 One, Seven 7, Bali. All fake……. (yep I don’t know the absolute truth, but I still have intuition and can smell a lie, when it’s as obvious as those.)

All these things set up to protect them from we, iffffffffffffffffffffffffff, were we to wake up from our centuries long coma. Crikey – If the internet won’t work as an intellectual deffribrilator for the common peops, nothing,  NOTHING, except a sci-fi Mind-Meld will. And even then………… the duppy will interject with a European cup match, or enrol more women in something suitable…….hmmm…. like WAR, and 98% will lose the link that could procure at least a road towards freedom from continual money-spinning/churning/making.

obama2I just wish someone in the meeting said:  “Look there was no need to ‘out’ those innocents in clubs, tubes, and tall buildings. Look at them…… they wouldn’t know what to do if they were free anyway, most say they’d be bored without us telling them what to do with their days!”

I was having a conversation about all this last night, with a man who uses the net to buy/sell cars, TV’s…. even as his sole means of connecting with other victims of 21st century existence (desperate, aging spinsters), and you know what he said:
“I had no idea Paulson used to work for Goldman Sachs” (OK, fine…… no problem with that!) but soon followed with:
“It’s all going to end in 2012, because my astrological charts said so and so did RASPUTIN…00′s of years ago!”  See the irony?

I just thought to myself “What’s happening to me – is this a Truman show episode?” Am I being monitored to see how much baloney a human can take? I wanted to scratch my own eyes out!! I felt almost epileptic!!
My skin….. actually crawled!!

Eventually I found a fail-safe method of preventing apoplexy, by pondering on a comment made by a renowned, alternative, thinker of the 21st century R. A. Wilson – which is that we all have our own “Reality Tunnels” created by our individual circumstance, and so we shouldn’t jump to berate what seems like nonsense……………… even if it so blatantly is.  Well I’m not a renowned, alternative, thinker – I’m just “regular”, and that kind of steaming bovine poo, drives me up the wall.

So, everybody join me in singing a new, and more appropriate, global anthem for such western peoples:

We the batty people of the west,
Really thought we’re better off than the rest,
Well now we’re going to get slammed up the rear,
With that Dinosaur phaIIus, that the “smart” have prepared,
We fling away books & things that batty’s think are “boring”,
We can no longer read, and any history has us snoring,
Well now that we see the scene’s been set,
For our great, great grandchildren to be enslaved with debt.

We declare it our duty to admit, that we 4 billion (going to exclude china and others I don’t understand) have been so utterly outwitted by around 6000 odd individuals that the shame has instigated our complete surrender to the authority of these few………….. forever. Please provide an ID card and remove all cash from circulation, forthwith”

apathyThink about it – 1 TRILLION (1, 000, 000, 000, 000) debt flung in the peoples faces, by bunch of devils (overnight) and not a lit matchstick in sight. The only thing I see being held up is children…………… all in a queue waiting to get injected by the same duppy that have cursed their parents to spend most of their lives slaving and s(&^%ing themselves that they can pay for a simple roof over their heads.

They smart!!  Can’t ramp with them, on that.  To think…….. all of this was devised in advance to end up with most of the world in debt and reduced organisations set to manage it all………….. just a bunch of puppet govts employed to beat/sacrifice their people, if the people just want to be……………………………… free.  And chill, if confused – most of us have no idea what freedom is. To make the point………………….  Take 6 months off work from today – Now!!
That’s how free you are!!

(If you have read this far, I’m decidedly proud of you – in this day and age, I often receive COMPLAINTS that 2 pages is too much to read – It seems all intellect and literacy is reserved for work….. and learning to work [state schooling]) . Ho hum!!


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