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DEM DEVILS                                  

Oh deary me!! It’s bare bullschitt, but I don’t care.(With regard to a ‘media’ headline – Biotechnology could let us extend convicts lives ‘indefinitely.’)
manipulationI’m not cracking up at the fantasy of it all – cos it is bovine excrement; I’m on the floor crying about the irony of the devils themselves.How absolutely evil must your nature be to have such a thought. Just the thought. And then to publish it in one of your papers? Given the perceived, potential ability to extend life – what does the devil go and do? Has to work out how to do just about the most awful thing with such power.
·         The Chinese used gunpowder to have a party, then the devil got hold of it and <ding> bullets and bombs galore.
·         All over the world human beings imbibe some form of NATURAL stimulant (e.g. weed) to chill in their esoteric manner and <ding> the devil comes along and bans that, but pushes chlora bi-deathsake tablets.
·         Native humans dig out bits of gold, here and there to wear at ceremonies et al – <ding> along comes the devil who digs 5mile wide/mile deep holes in mother earth to dig out a couple of kilos of gold………….to lock away in vaults and brag.
·         Look at Australia – The worst scum of the worst devils sent to take over a land. Land that loved the human beings living there for 40,000 years– look at the place now. Concrete. With devils everywhere.
·         Look at how the Devil helps other countries and their people…….with bombs.
·         Helps populations of animals……….by culling them.
·         Remember how they helped that whale in the Thames? By lifting out OUT OF the water and sailing down the river with the FISH on deck – and the devil was surprised when the damned thing died.
·         The devil could get unlimited power to heat and provide for its people – So what does it do as an aside? Atomic Bombs, Hydrogen Bombs, Neutron Bombs, Depleted Uranium etc
·         Only the Devil could somehow find a way to create money………….as debt
·         It’s spawn was complaining that to give NURSES…..that HELP PEOPLE…a pay rise of ONE % it would cost £1.2bn – But their department of bare death WASTES  £1.58bn and we have to rely on foreign media to tell us – and the devil identifies zero irony.
alienWhat is the matter with these things? And how can they not see…..themselves and stop themselves or divert themselves?
The whole of the rest of the world has had to try real real hard to go against their nature and ensure they are able to be as disgustingly evil as they possibly can………..just to save themselves from the carcinogen that is the mutant GM chimera who’s spirit is the only one unable to do something as spiritual and natural as ……dance. Can you, as a real human being, imagine not being able to dance, naturally, to music – Wow!!
That’s alien bizniz!! Such negative impact and they have no idea. Hmmm – then again, would you expect a cancer cell to stop itself before it’s killed everything it touches including all that keeps it alive? Well, by the same logic, given that they have the same basic construct, how can we expect the devil to cease doing evil?  Ho hum!!
Cannot believe anyone can believe in a God, knowing it must have created them too. The bigger joke is that some human beings believe in, ha ha, the Devils God, for crying out loud (with, seemingly, no sound). Ssssssssssssssssstchoopid fother muckers. Anyway – it’s Friday and the sun is shining.  Bock unu later.

Legitimate CORRUPTION                            Date: 23 Oct 2008

Look at this headline, (ref: george osborne warned ‘stop rubbishing’ Rothschild or you’re finished)  then you must wonder how come? Well, by now you must know who that family is and that, like it or not……they own most everything – literally you too.

You got a mortgage? They own you!
You got a credit card? They own you!
Car loan? etc.

And if you have no debt whatsoever…………… you’ll be feeding them plenty of your cash anyway, because they own…… most of what “we” spend our crumbs on. Anyone that thinks this sounds nuts, is the same kind of banana that would say that, but then refuse to check it all for themselves……………….. and that’s plenty of people.  Because this family isn’t stoopid…… they rely on our stupidity. And we can gauge our stupidity by their success.  Oh, and you know how we’re all going to be bit more broke from now on, especially because our energy costs have flown through the roof  – check the 3rd to last link below and then look at the 1985 timeline. Every muggings game in town….. these lot seem to be behind.

Now…… I haven’t checked yet, but whilst I know that “the family” are the majority shareholder in Dutch Shell…… I would not be at all surprised if they owned (in the background of course) most some of the companies that will be freezing your rear-ends off, this winter, in order to fill their pockets.  Just bear that in mind, if your parents (I would say “and grandparents”, but you all wayyyyyyy too OLE for that!!) feel the energy pinch…. remember who’s getting PAID, and laughing all the way…..ha ha… to one of their own business.



Check this article about BAREFACED CORRUPTION in UK/EURO politics. And to think they have the front to berate Africa(n’s) for corruption, when the “bent” africans are working for them.  So, the offspring of Beelzebub (and one of the beneficiaries/architects of the current global headache) writes to a major newspaper that one of his lap-dogs asked one of his frontmen for money.

Note how there’s no explanation for why the TWICE sacked fraudster was on the 20 million squid boat, also. Neither is there any mention/explanation as to how come the fraudster changed European law to benefit that FRONT company run by that Bransonesque frontman, Deripaska. Could it be that his reward for amending a trade law (which happened to benefit the aluminium company to the tune of 50million squid – whilst ALL competitors have to pay) was the position in UK Govt?  Or could it be that because he did such a good job he’s been planted back in your govt to do more work for your real leader?  Who knows?  This whole story could be vengeance for some courageous tory asking questions of Mandy, Beelzebub’s spawn and his FRONTmans links?  Who can prove a coincidence theory?  I can’t…… therefore, I suppose, it doesn’t count. But if your real leaders lackeys are unable to prove a conspiracy theory, nobody mentions the phrase – they just say it was “true”…….. or “not true”. But if YOU were to make an informed guess, what happens?

conspiracy2CONSPISEEEE THEEE’E – Otherwise defined as “My ears are covered…. move on…… regardless of what is obvious, my botty doesn’t hurt yet and it’s not on the TV, so lets talk footie!”

Anyway…. .  They also didn’t mention that just up the hill from where the FRONTmans 20million squid yacht is moored…… is one of the homes of Beelzebub’s spawn. And remember this class of duppy try as much as possible NOT to declare their ownership of….well….. almost everything. They always use fronts, who are exposed as such if “anything happens“. Just as in the old days (check paragraph 2). And talking of corruption, they’re African leaders, for doing their bidding, but with an acceptable bribe. Just as they bwibed mr annan with his 1million quid nobel prize BEFORE he did anything!!  Again, no mention that Botswana is literally owned by a single company. Or that the country is the WORLDS leading diamond producer. Could his bri….sorry reward be like the one b-liar got after he left office? Because that same leader kicked his own people off their land as soon as diamonds were found there, in 1997 – and for whom would he do that? Can you imagine the “brutish” government sharing their north sea oil with, say, CaribAfricaBlackS’muddy Ltd? NEVER!!  And as a final note, guess who started de beers? Check the timeline at the bottom of this link – specifically the 1887 line. And check paragraph 8, 9 and 13 here.

So if you ever hear s’muddy who looks like you, say Africans are corrupt?  Before you ring me (so I can go round and educate him with my boot) give them a lesson in proper corruption and from what region it ALWAYS seems to stem.  And if any of you have… or intend to buy….. any diamonds.  PONDER who you’re enriching, for crying out loud – because it certainly isn’t you, or the TV abuser you’re buying for. You ever heard anyone make “real” money selling a diamond (ring/earring/anything)? I mean was the sell value anything like what was paid for it (and I’m talking the stupid, intellectually embarrassing diamonds – the ones you see in engagement rings and stuff – not those antique things which have gained value from who may have owned them.)  No you don’t – because they’re a one way cash-money thing.

Oh yes…… a conspeeeesi theee’e. I should always end with one of those – What the ‘rubber duck’ was this all about?  Until………….

Some people WEEEEALLY FOOL ………                                        8 Jul 2008

……………. and some doctors are, well, bad for you. Proper bad for you.  If the doctor won’t push some experimental juice in himself, would you allow him to stick it into you………….. for money? And if you did – what kind of numbers would you ask. I know what I’d ask?  Put it this way – Zimbabwe’s economic and infrastructure issues would be dealt with for a single jab in this arm, I’m telling you.  Health………………. is wealth – not so?  Oooops!! That’s not what TV says. It’s taught us MONEY…. is wealth.

They’re taking liberties with the poor and ignunt. Eat good food and walk occasionally – that should do you. Bird Flu vaccine!!  Embarrassing.  Give it to the flippin’ birds. As embarrassing as the BBC trying to squits their way out of their BLATANT collusion in the almighty scam known as Nine 11. The frying pan was getting a tad too hot and so they tried to jump and into…………. the sink to escape the internet heat. They have TV under wraps and know that the sheople that wait to be informed of “news” can be forgotten about.  I saw the show at the weekend…….  The temerity of them. Or should I say the desperation…..

They’re telling YOU…. and ME…. that a few fires in a building brought down a 52 storey concrete and steel building!!  I need not say anymore.  On THE NEWS they’ll tell us foolishness like this. But they won’t say…. on the news… that they’re being accused all over the globe of colluding in the 9one one scam.  Why?  Because even TV abusers have enough sense to know truth from SCAM – they’re just too stupid to direct their intellect – so the tell-lie-vision directs it for them.  The show was unbelievably embarrassing, but they had to tell us something, as they got CAUGHT colluding, as they told us about the collapse 20 mins before it happened.  Did you hear about it at the time? Back in 2001? I didn’t!!
Why not?  SCAM!!  Fother Muckers, they are.

The FIFTY TWO storey building fell down the same day as the main two towers and was not even mentioned in the inquiry. Why not?  SCAM!!

First such building IN HISTORY to fall under such circumstances and no “hoo hahh” about it.  Why not? SCAM!!

And then there was Seven 7. Yesterday was the anniversary of some TELLORRRRRRRists tearing down the place – did you see any minutes silence, or major headlines about that MAJOR occurrence.  Why not?  SCAM!!   As told by this guy who was actually ON THE BUS.  All I saw was a fool show, last night, pointing at the heroics of the victims and rescuers. No questions about why/who/when. Why not?  Because some use the power of the web and would shred the lies.

So….. they’re just omitting it from “the collective” memory. And it’s worked. How many remembered that yesterday was the day there were big bangs all over london – 3 years ago.  And you or your bro/sis/mum/dad/CHILD could have been a victim of the SCAM too.  But they weren’t, ay – so no biggie?  I used the tube that morning. And I ponder that I could be ‘gonerz’, or arm/legless just so they could keep the rest of us muppets in check.  
Best just hope they miss you/r people next time too – as you can see how the rest of us will behave if they do decide to 7-Seven someone you know – or DeMenezez someone you know (or you).  Most won’t even discuss it.
And you never know………

Hard times are a coming. When times like this arrive they have to divert the sheoples eyes from understanding the obvious. So, on the positive side, you can expect a whole raft of “blockbusters” this summer/winter. Loads of sporting highlights and celebrity codswallop – all to keep the ‘bewildered herd’ from sitting and thinking at all, but most of all from thinking……
“How the truck does this all happen?”, or better still: “Let me use this astonishing tool called the internet to see if I can work out how this all happens – instead of looking up some poo fad, like that social-skill-destroying facebook, or bebo!”

The sad think is….. it works.  You can just see thm saying:  “Just throw them donkeys some Facebook and we can relax. They’ll never know what we’re up to – and even if they do…. they’ll just carry on facebooking, anyway – It’s fun Yah ha ya ha !!”  “In a few months they’ll not even remember what we did!!”



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