HAPPY[?] NEW YEAR THOUGHTS/WISHES                            Date: 31 December 2007


christmasYo, ho, ho. First, I hope your Christmas was as regular, average and cheap as mine – which means you enjoyed the time off, but didn’t get all ‘involved’ in the unnecessary hoopla.

I was speaking to a girl…………………… friend, recently and she said to me, as I was giving my usual deeply cynical sceptics view on our fantasy world, that next year should be “Nike” year. I.e., “Just do it!”. At the time we were discussing our age and escape from the ‘6 months just about tolerable – 6 months poo climate’, and why it is that people suffer this torture, when there are many more amenable places to live. I know what it is……………. it’s greed, cowardice and uncertainty (that’s what keeps me, here, anyway). Not knowing whether NOT getting “everyfing”, whenever I want it, can be tolerated – like electricity. Even though most what we have is a waste of time (our most precious commodity) and money (our most misunderstood commodity). Anyway, at the time, I concurred with her – “Let’s just, flippin’, do it!” whatever the “it” may be!!

However, now that we’ve been given (not that anyone with their eyes/ears open needs it) a forecast of an almost certain financial hurricane ripping toward the developed world, next year, it may also be smart to amend the attitude to “Do bugger all”, until the storm’s over. Time is flying, though!! (I know that event wasn’t yesterday, but 20 years ago – In another 20 years I’m going to be flipping dea……. whoops, hopefully, old) So……….. my new years wish to you all, is that I hope you kept your finances in order, and didn’t get all strung up with all the inviting and tempting credit/debt tricks they’ve been ‘playing us’ with for the past 15 years. And that now that “THEY” decided to burst the bubbles, upon which many have been riding; none of you lose your, proverbial, shirt.

Unfortunately for me, having 16 months off, with no “hustle” to support me, and very little adjustment to lifestyle, led me to eventually leverage some flexibility from the old c card (oh deary me), which I neglected (got noosed) to pay off completely. But I will try to service that before the, likely, axe of “City headcount reductions” starts swinging in earnest. Otherwise, I hope all’s well with you and your families and that you were, like me, completely stunned, bemused and bewildered (otherwise you deaf/blind/’ignunt’) at all that has gone on in the “current affairs” world, this year, and that you’re fully prepared for next years blues. Otherwise you will suffer……… next years blues.   Aaaaaite!!


HAPPY NEW YEAR THOUGHTS/WISHES              Date: 31 December 2008

 Happy New Yearrrrrghhh Ouch Oohh…….. Another New Year………. and, I suppose, a new start to the stunningly predictable debacle.  Just a short note to wish you as good a new year as you can ‘scrape’ off the blood splattered floor of good/bad fortune (depending on your blinkers).  Me, I’ve just come back from a stonking, sunny, holiday where I spent dough, and enjoyed, like the credit crunch was a chocolate covered honeycombed treat in a gold wrapper! And I am already dreaming of the next one.  I fully intend to enjoy myself regardless of the well planned calamities ahead. As long as someone is willing to buy my soul each day for forty pieces of…………….. the rusty nuggets, I REALLYAPPRECIATE, right now. By the way I was in the US in May…………. and the situation there was bad….. very bad. Especially in housing (much worse than here), and when I went this time……….. ‘Aarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkin ‘ell, it was much…. much worse.

depressionThe country is on the floor. I even bought some food for a family that were SQUATTING, in an area that people don’t squat in (felt sorry for the children  – no electricity or water) They were plugging their laptop into their rusty pickup to watch TV in the evening – and they all huddled in the back, to watch it. This stuff was unknown in this area of Florida. Just pray we don’t get the equivalent continuation of the spiral. If you’re cash rich………. take 100K sterling to Florida. You’ll need a car to get from the lounge to the toilet – the size of what 100k would get today.  Therefore, I could start vomiting forth a pile of NY pleasantries, but I’d be disingenuous as it’s not going to be good for a great many. Even if it’s not bad for some of us as individuals, we’re, collect….ively, in for a ‘naughty’ time. We’ve spent a good decade gulping down the synthetic economic food and dallying in ‘their’ fashionable fake financial diets….. and now we’re all locked in a small windowless room and are about to experience the inevitable collective dysentery and cacophonous flatulence (and some fool may well try to light a ciggie in there, too.)

So even if you didn’t eat the muck money presented (as I tried very hard not to – and failed a great many times)…………. you still going to be smothered in the putrid gas produced by those who did. So……. I do hope that in the new year, you have as good a time as you can; are sure to take some time and hard earned funds to put a smile on your face (even though everything will be done, that can be done, to swipe the shillings you may have spare). Me……… I’m just going to watch it all pan out and hope that we are all able to grab something solid, as the Tsunami comes rushing back in.  Don’t mean to be too depressive, but there’s not much to cheer about, unless you have young’ns so you can leverage off their innate, innocent optimism, or no stake at all in the mess; or are the kind of optimist I’d call paralysed from the scalp downwards, ie no sense/feeling/attachment to “the worldly state of affairs”.

FYI – Tonight, I am STAYING IN………….. with my beloved remote control and a few munchies. And I will be sharing a tipple from the bottle of Absinthe I leapt upon, duty free, on the plane then settling down to laugh at some of the reviews of the year.  Doubtless, I will be requested to share in a glass of that nasty, bitter, overly fizzy/rated drink, champagne (some people can’t help themselves) which I’ll down in a sec and suffer the effects of the “cocktail” in my augmented stomach. But I won’t be “on road” with the desperate fother muckers “searching” for entertainment and likely finding ‘same o – same o’ expense.

Don’t care if you’re one of them…………. stay your cold Rss inside, with a remote. Whatever you do, I hope you have as good a time as I will. One silver lining for next year…. is that I’m likely to get loads of subjects to MOAN about. The only problem is people will be too miserable to tolerate my moans. How can it be that moaning can actually make someone happy? Suppose it’s like crying for girls……………… a release. Ho hum!! Happy new yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrumph!!

                        “I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it’s hell.”  Harry S. Truman (1884-1972)


MERRY……WHATEVER!!                          Date: 24 December 2009

Yo, yo….oh sorry…. Ho ho ho.  Hope you managed to survive this year without too much pain. Those who did probably think things weren’t quite as bad as they were/are. Those who were unscathed probably got the self-self syndrome and don’t believe there is a tsunami occurring – If you thought thus, you erred, I’m afraid. Many many things happened this year for which we should be seriously concerned.

The Soviet European Union (dire consequences ahead)

It’s like kicking a pavement in flip-flops. You’ll hear it… and see the toe nail split…………..but it will take a while before your nervous system is able to cope with the overload and register the excruciation. Taxes ARE going up… from the 1st of Jan VAT is going up right away.


[HAPPY?] NEW YEAR THOUGHTS/WISHES                        Date: 1 January 2012

“Oh get lost will ya!”.  Maybe it’s just age. Maybe it’s my, understandably, melancholy counternance. Personally, it’s been a mega, ultra, colossal schitt year, but that’s for me to overcome, personally.  For us, collectively, it’s been schitt again. Cuts, prices, wars, closures, reposessions, unemployment have all risen sharply as a result of well organised, immoral depravity.

Our children and grandchildren have had their, collective, millstones placed around their necks. Decent leaders have been sent a clear ‘message’, via Ghaddafi, in an unbelievable display of flagrant, uncivilised lynching. As for spewropean leaders? There aren’t any. They, like that Uncle Tom in the white house, are so obviously brainwashed ho’s, that the b[w]ankers must be seriously shocked to have managed to get away with as much as they have. They must have been expecting some kind of hindrance. After they literally threw out the leaders of italy and greece and replaced them with bank managers is a declaration in and of itself – but as long as the collective respond only to the output of the telescreen (and the b[w]ankers own that) well…….they can literally do ANYTHING. And they ain’t done yet. Know that!


Still, we’ll soon get an expensive ‘treat’, the Limpics. This will give the desperate Virtual Realitisists something ‘positive’ to latch onto.  I’ll be with the grown-ups, looking out for the sneaky stuff that will be taking place, whilst the hoi polloi are distracted by the spectacle.  And before I go any further I will apologise to the ‘rose tinted’ posse who must be pulling at their teeth at how depressing the reference to Reality, above, is. And whilst I try to understand that view, it’s still true, and it’s happened, and is still happening. If they can come back with any examples of major positive events to counter the above….they can bring it and I’ll gladly acknowledge any. But i doubt they will, because…………….. it ain’t there. Of course there will be the self-centred individuals, who can brag that they’re alright; but they’re out of scope. I’m talking about substantial events that impact………..us…….all

So what else has happened? Well, this year has confirmed, to me, that Virtual Reality has leapt into the realms of Reality. We have all grown up understanding the natural, but ever more private, language called ‘Realitish'[ R]. (It’s just a label for what I mean, to explain.)  Anyway, every single human being on earth knows the language. And animals know it, trees and rivers know it too. Everything, natural, understands it. However, it’s rarely communicated via the virtual ……… telescreens.  The telescreens communicate in a slightly different dialect called ‘Virrrrrrrrrtual Realitish’ [VR].  The main differences between the two is that [VR], by means of outrageous temerity interprets certain ‘[R] words to describe the complete opposite. It also often combines [R] words to create deliberately unfamiliar or simply preposterous, phrases.

Examples below:

Quantitative Easing [VR].= Bankers nicking even more of peoples wealth without most people knowing it[R]

Strategic Interests [VR] = Other countries stuff [R]

“Diamonds are worth lots and lots of your money![VR] = It’s a pebble from off the floor, imbecile [R]

Family [R] has been replaced by Facebook [VR]

Having children [R] has been replaced by, Having a career [VR]

The value of Community [R] has been replaced by the value of Commodity Derivatives [VR]

retardVirtual Realitish, the telescreen language, has jumped realms and people are regularly speaking in [VR]. And it’s confusing the natural thinking, that is [R]. As an example, I was reasoning with a guy at work, discussing the recent, and collectively forgotten, murder of Libya’s leader. And at one point he told me about a marine friend of his, who, from the age of 8 wanted to be in the army. Not just in the army, but was desperate to fight. And that his family were proud of him. No thought of defending anything; just the romance associate with fighting….in an army. ‘    ‘Kin’ell, thought I.  He had no concern, at all, about his friend.  I asked him if, knowing what he now knows about the recent wars; that they were ALL based on lies, with zero virtue or honour. And that 150 000 innocent people just like his 9 yr old brother, mum, dad and sister were murdered, in Libya, when receiving [VR] protection – does he not view his mate as a tad psychotic?  Just didn’t register.

Virtual Realitish has no word combinations to represent such thinking. It has commandeered one [R] word to define such thoughts. That word, I’ve found, is, ‘Depressing’. And our convo was an example of the convergence (or replacement) of [R] with [VR]. He’s not a bad person. He’s just no longer able to differentiate [VR] from [R].  I don’t find being aware of, or understanding, Reality depressing at all. It’s far more depressing, to me, that Reality is becoming difficult to reference. I think understanding Reality is positive and beneficial to us all….and animals……and trees, and rivers. But in [VR], it’s been declared, Depressing. Reality is, by definition, irrefutible. Virtual Reality is just implied.

Anyway, to accommodate any virtual realitisists there was a mildly positive event. We almost got another days holiday, recently. That greek guy that married into that german family, that were sent here by financiers to appease the native people – he almost gifted us a holiday, until those papworth hospital fother muckers interrupted events. And, there was a massive resurgence of [R] thought, as can be seen, for example, by the Occupy peoples actions. But, alas, that has been contained by the coordinated response of the meritritious Virtual Realitists.   So, as I have little cheer to bring, I’ll mercifully cut to the prediction and hope/wish.  And if I were to attempt demonstrate any prescient aptitude, my broad prediction for the impending year is simply:

Virtual Reality is going to ‘go cleeeeaaarrrr’, this year, to counter the resurgence of Realistic experiences. Many Virtual Realitisists are going to experience major cognitive dissonance as [VR] and [R] are forced to converge by what Michel Facault described as the order of things. And as a dedicated Realist, I’m duty bound to add that I reckon [VR] will be victorious. Realistic history says so. My wish, however, is that we are all able to maintain an understanding/knowledge of Reality.

So be good, keep it Real and don’t setup a rule to send my mails to the Trash folder. I do have light hearted e-xcrement to share also.

Until next year……………..


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